$1Haul: Dollar Tree & Buck Jewelry Store.


This is my newest Tutorial on how to fill in eye brows.
And the supplies are Inexspensive and easy to find…
Hope you enjoy!

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This dress was $1 …. Found it on a lonely rack in the thrift store in Portsmouth ,Va.
I love the mixed print look.
I’m a even bigger lover of Vintage dresses.
This piece could come in handy for a photoshoot for that era.
I believe this design is late 70s.
Comments on this piece ?


$3 Vintage Find

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Found these hot old school Vintage frames … For $3 at a local thrift store .
I wrestled with myself if I should buy them or not…
Of course I couldn’t resist.

Wonder what era these are from…
The tint when looking thru makes the eyes believe there are seeing in pop art Colors (don’t ask me why)

Is this money well spent … Or a waste in your opinion?





This is a different flavor for my blog site …. But I am pleased to present ….”B”

Dope female graphic designer … all the way from Ohio ….
We’ve been Internet friends for Years (gotta love social networks) …
Feel free to contact her for any and every graphic need!

NAME- Latisha “B the Designer” Compton
WHAT DO YOU DO? Graphic designer
WHERE CAN WE FIND YOUR WORK? https://www.facebook.com/BombshellProductions

Now you KNOW …. I am the “Thrifty Vixen” …. but how do you feel about thrifting?
Thrifting is like the metropolis of everything Eclectic for me so I LOVE IT! You can find clothes from almost every era put it together with some fashionable accessories and look like you walked out of some Boutique in Hollywood. What people dont understand is HOW TO thrift. Thrifting is a skill, just like shopping at the mall; everything still consists of style, color scheme, and versatility.All those 80s color blocking and acid washed jeans that cost hundreds in malls and boutiques world wide, those designers can keep those. Stop keeping up with the Joneses when you have a thrift store in your city because I guarantee, somebody was rocking that same Versace print blouse in 1986 that you just saw in your favorite fashion magazine!

Is it something you’ve never done? Yes, especially for vintage accessories.

Something you dont like at all??

Any pointers for someone looking to enter into your field of work? Be yourself in anything that you do. I also am an aspiring cosmetologist & nail tech, stand apart from the other individuals never stay in the box no matter what you do, there is nothing new understand however there will never be another you.






What a AWESOME Thrifty store find THRIFTY GENTLEMAN!!!!!

This shirt was sold for $3 at a local Thrift store…and sure enough… it is a $60 item sold here >> http://www.theblackdog.com/Sweatshirts-and-Sweaters/
Perfect example of … You never know what you will find while out and about.

Thanks For sharing!!!!

I love how she paired this shirt with the pants,
Im loving the contrast of the two together,Awesome finds.. awesome Prices!!!!
-The Thrifty Vixen

Just Busy Being

When I lived in Korea, my co-teacher/fashion guru Charlotte explained to me that we look our best when we dress in a way that reflects our personality.   I think there is a lot of truth to this and it probably has a lot to do with feeling confident.  I’m not usually quite so literal but for a wandering nomad such as myself, this map shirt is profoundly appropriate.

I honestly couldn’t decide how to style it though so I opted for 2 different looks.

The very serious and professional office look.


Or the clothes you wear when you are not working.

Either way, the shirt is easily adaptable and transformative.

Shirt: Thirfted $2.00

Pants: Thirfted $1.50 (Love it when thrift stores have sales!)

Skirt: Thrifted $4.00 (Vintage Levis)

Shoes: Thrifted $10.00 (I know, I know, it’s gross to where other people shoes, blah blah blah.  These appear to be…

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